Leather MagSafe Wallet- Ochre

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Created with both functionality and style, the Leather Wallet with MagSafe safely stores your ID and credit cards. Added safety, privacy and security, our wallets are equipped with advanced RFID Secure technology. Perfect for the gym or on-the-go, the slim yet sturdy style allows you to slip it into your pocket with ease or safely secure it to your iPhone for quick access. The wallet is designed to protect while offering incredible durability and unique texture. Handcrafted from premium, oil waxed full grain leather, the leather will naturally patina over time giving each piece a unique feel and look.  



  • Handcrafted with premium full grain leather
  • Oil waxed for a supple feel and moisture protection
  • RFID Secure technology
  • Snaps onto the back of your iPhone with ease
  • Compatible with iPhone 12 and 13
  • Safely and discretely stores up to 3 cards


Leather Wallet with MagSafe

Dust Bag

Our leather is

Handcrafted with a passion for quality + crafstmanship

Genuine full grain leather that beautifully patinas over time

Sustainably sourced by artisans of the highest caliber

Oil waxed for supreme softness + added moisture protection


Nothing uplifts your style like leather, and Cretanbull is known to break ground with beautiful tech accessories for your most important things. Learn more about why our accessories are the go-to when it comes to aesthetics and functionality.

Discover the Cretanbull difference.

Nothing that makes a difference in products is like a profound dedication to the trade. The leathers behind Cretanbull are not only of impeccable quality but forged by artisans of the highest caliber. Our cases and wallets undergo a rigorous manufacturing process that ensures our values of tradition, aesthetics, and practicality are all incorporated into the final piece.

iphone leather cover on coffee beans
iphone leather cover on coffee beans

Enjoy a name synonymous with quality.

A Cretanbull case means style, comfort, and a beautiful, timeless natural aesthetic. Our daily essentials evolve with every technological innovation and improvement. Still, the rich tradition of our leathers lives on, providing consistent cases for everything. We bear the benchmark for quality accessories that never compromise style and practicality.

What makes our products stand out?

There’s one thing that you can be sure of in traditional manufacturing. The final product will always transition between styles and last a lifetime. People invest in Cretanbull wallets and cases because they are accessories that integrate the perfect trifecta of quality. They are durable, practical, and seamless in style. But what else sets our leathers apart from everything else?

iphone leather cover on coffee beans


While others offer mass-produced, low-quality leather, we are known for authentic and genuine leather, delivering a seamless experience.


The consistent and uniform nature of our leather is inspected carefully, polished meticulously to ensure a smooth touch.


If you are tired of purchasing leathers from suppliers who use cheap oils and rough workmanship, we use eco-friendly practices and rely on quality leather that elevates the quality.


No more dealing with over-the-top thick cases; our full-frame case is designed to provide convenience and protection while giving it a sleek, slim look.


The comfortable grip is designed with premium full grain leather to ensure a soft yet durable feel.

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