BRAND Ambassador

Cretanbull products benefit more than the individual purchasing the pieces. They can have a higher place in the online and more significant retail sectors. Learn more about our dedicated influencer and partner programs here:

Do you have a fashion following?

Are you a fashionista with a sizeable social media following? Why not pique your audience’s interest with a classic accessory collection that adapts seamlessly to any style? Cretanbull’s products have become a staple of daily fashion, seamlessly transitioning from casual to formal. We seek enthusiastic persons to showcase our products and earn from sharing them on platforms.

Our influencer program offers influencers focused on fashion the opportunity to create great content and benefit from online posts. Perks include deals, discounts, and items for both the content creator and their following, including commissions earned from the sales of our products. Please get in touch with us today if you believe that our accessories suit your following. We can’t wait to connect with you! 

Become a Cretanbull partner

Cretanbull began on the premise of maintaining tradition in a world of constant change. Technology continues to be the core of our society, making many products obsolete. However, our traditionally-made, hand-threaded cases and wallets keep that classic consistency so many crave. That’s why our global partner base continues to grow exponentially.

If you’re a business interested in vending or representing Cretanbull accessories, we offer a partner program to connect our products to your retail outlet. Discover the bountiful opportunities our traditional leathers can bring to your store, giving your customers pieces that flawlessly function with any style or purchase. Please don’t hesitate to contact our partner program team if you have any interest in selling our products. We would love to talk and discuss how our products can add elegance and class to your customers’ lifestyle.