giving back

Giving Back

What’s better than a product that functions on every desired level? It’s the feeling of knowing you’ve done some good in the world. Cretanbull has a strong passion for giving back to the planet.

We’re Passionate about Giving Back to Great Causes.

Cretanbull believes that any great products come with a desire to see a better society. Every purchase from our collection donates a portion of the proceeds to charitable organizations chosen by our founders. Learn more about the specific causes we help with below.

female hands in the center top
an elephant in africa

Elephant Refuge

Elephants are majestic, inspiring creatures that see a worrying decline due to poaching. Our founders are passionate about protecting these wonderful animals and donate towards building a refuge with every Cretanbull accessory purchase.

Youth Sports

Sports can significantly impact the development of skills and social integration for youths. We believe in promoting athletic programs for children and young adults to impact their lives and society as a whole positively.

kid playing with football in garden

How do your purchases benefit the programs?

We firmly believe that quality products should come with more than a single purpose. Our accessories not only feature solutions for style and practicality but also give our customers a base for making a positive difference in the lives of others. Each product you purchase has a dedicated portion of proceeds sent to the programs outlined above.

What do the organizations receive from us?

Our chosen organizations will receive money to develop local youth sports programs and construct an elephant refuge in a critical area. We immediately pass a percentage of proceeds after your purchase to ensure a steady support flow towards causes.